Kitsunetsuki Variations / 2021
Performance / Experimental / Contemporary Dance.

Five Augmented Locations

5 Augmented Locations / 2014
Musique Concrete / Ambient /
Field Recording.


Atomism / 2013
Microtonal / Ambient /
Field Recording.


Metonymy / 2010
Abstract Electronic /
Modern Classical.

Tessellation / 2008
Ambient / Modern Classical / Abstract Electronic.

The Paignton Anomaly

The Paignton Anomaly / 2008 Abstract Electronic /
Field Recording / Environment.

Buried Traktora 2007
Abstract Electronic /
Field Recording.


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Here’s what I think… I think that when I look at this world, you know, I can see it, feel it, smell it and touch it, but you’ll never convince me, never in a million years that it’s real. No way. That’s a big no-no. I mean, do people actually have to pay to do all this stuff, and if so, how much? Do these people know about me? Do they know what I’m thinking? I better be quiet just in case I upset them. You see how some people are so easily upset. It doesn’t take a lot, just one misplaced comment or badly chosen word can cause them to get really angry, start shaking and trembling sometimes, going red in the face and even crying… so tread gently.

– Kakkab Nammax / EQ:RA