Ammoniac EP / 2021

  1. Make Like Lice, Today : 05:08
  2. Underneath the Escalator : 05:33
  3. Periods of Division : 04:12

Electronic / Ambient.

A three track EP – the last details of the visible world.

[A] – Traps work on principal.
[B] – Forced to abbreviate.
[C] – Ratchets, ditches and pools.

Here’s what I think… I think that when I look at this world, you know, I can see it, feel it, smell it and touch it, but you’ll never convince me, never in a million years that it’s real.

No way. That’s a big no-no.

I mean, do people actually have to pay to do all this stuff, and if so, how much? Do these people know about me?

Do they know what I’m thinking?

– Kakkab Nammax / EQ:RA