“See you. Me back. Begin again. That’s one unique point in the hologram.”

Ammoniac EP / 2021
Electronic / Ambient.

Last details of the visible world. Traps work on principal. Forced to abbreviate. Ratchets, ditches and pools.
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Kitsunetsuki Variations / 2021
Performance / Experimental / Contemporary Dance.

Includes the original track which was first released on the album ‘Atomism’ (2013) now accompanied by three new creative remixes / extended concepts… [ more ]

5 Augmented Locations

Five Augmented Locations / 2014
Musique Concrete / Ambient / Field Recording.

A collection of five pieces which were not originally planned as an album – and so this is more of a retrospective hoard.
All are based on field recordings, sometimes using binaural or contact microphones, occasionally direct to an iPad and processed on the spot… [ more ]


Atomism / 2013
Microtonal / Ambient / Field Recording.

Sadalsuud, when translated, means the ‘luckiest of the lucky’ or the ‘luck of lucks’. In the context of older worldviews such as Egyptian, Persian and Islamic mythology… [ more ]


Metonymy / 2010
Abstract Electronic / Modern Classical.

If you wish to study or scrutinize this further then you should first attempt to place yourself in my position. I usually wake up a few millimeters below the ground. That distance is, of course, as precise as I may fathom… [ more ]

Tessellation / 2008
Ambient / Modern Classical / Abstract Electronic.

Chambers embedded into the walls of medieval churches in Denmark and Sweden served as Helmholts resonators, absorbing sound, particularly low frequency reverberation… [ more ]

The Paignton Anomaly

The Paignton Anomaly / 2008
Abstract Electronic / Field Recording / Environment.

The first time that two original members of Kymatik had had the opportunity to work together in over a decade. The source recordings which constitute this piece were made together in Devon U.K. in November 2007… [ more ]

Buried Traktora 2007
Abstract Electronic / Field Recording.

Buried Traktora is a composition inspired by the notion that matter is a conduit enabling consciousness to travel through time. Reincarnation, shape-shifting and pagan magik are related themes which guided the arrangements… [ more ]