Distant Suns (1996)

Abstract electronic / Field recording.

Distant Suns is a strange little mini-album constructed from samples, recordings and MIDI files (programmed on a Yamaha QY20), made during a two year trip which covered India, Australia and Taiwan.

Rather than assimilate the source files into any kind of recognisable or pure musical form, the material was processed on a computer running rudimentary single-track audio editing software, and carefully deconstructed to remove any sense of cultural influence. What remains is the pure sensory (morphic) essence of the locations in question. This is not your typical 'world music'.

A set of clues which the listener may find useful:

The MIDI file on which Eg Nog Ra was built was programmed at the aboriginal enclave of Wreck Bay, NSW, Australia. Karnak, despite being named after an Egyptian temple complex, was composed from recordings made in Benares (Varanasi), while Mogahm was assembled using sources collected in Dharamsala - both India. No Idea is a slight exception to the pattern, recorded live in a Los Angeles hotel room using the QY20 drum computer, a DAT machine and a television set. Propulsion is composed from street sounds recorded in Taipei City, Taiwan.